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VIDEO: A taste of Fruit Logistica

Blog post   •   Feb 08, 2019 19:10 GMT

From plants to pineapples, it was a buzzing and successful Fruit Logistica for the Panalpina Perishables Network. (Photo: Panalpina)

As the main event for the global perishables industry comes to a close in Berlin, Panalpina goes on a food tasting tour for some of the freshest, most exotic and delicious produce.

Think ‘perishables’, and images of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, flowers and plants come to mind. Here’s a sample of the most delicious morsels up for tasting at Fruit Logistica:

As Fruit Logistica has shown, the global perishables industry is alive and kicking. Fresh food and other products are being flown, shipped and transported around the globe, all year long – faster and in growing quantities.

If you missed our videos from days one and two, here’s your chance to see them now:

Day 2

Some words can be tricky. How do you say ‘perishables’? And what are perishables in different languages? We tested visitors at Fruit Logistica. Watch what they had to say…

How do you say ‘perishables’?

Day 1

Now that you’ve figured out how to say ‘perishables’, do you know your fruits?

Is a cherry a berry?

That was it from Berlin. We hope you enjoyed a good taste of the main event for the global perishables industry.

Let’s keep those perishables from perishing. Here’s to Fruit Logistica 2020!