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Panalpina and Cardiff Business School: successful research on lean inventories expanded to include 3D printing

Panalpina and Cardiff Business School: successful research on lean inventories expanded to include 3D printing

Press releases   •   Feb 03, 2016 14:30 GMT

Three years ago, Panalpina and Cardiff University in Wales (UK), set out to search for the ‘hidden formula’ for lean inventories. This innovative partnership has allowed Panalpina to launch D2ID, a new inventory forecasting application.The co-innovation approach has been so successful, that the research is now being expanded to include new manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing.

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#IcarusTrip: neutrino hunter on the move

#IcarusTrip: neutrino hunter on the move

News   •   Oct 25, 2017 10:00 GMT

​Looking for one of the smallest particles – neutrinos – requires not only international cooperation but also quite a huge piece of scientific equipment. Panalpina recently helped to move one from CERN in Switzerland to Fermilab at the University of Chicago, where it arrived at the end of July 2017. It was a closely watched voyage.

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The solar race is on

The solar race is on

Blog posts   •   Oct 10, 2017 13:00 GMT

​The World Solar Challenge has started and our friends from the thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser are doing great! In case you missed it, here’s our previous feature on the blue.cruiser. Now let’s take a closer look.

En route to the World Solar Challenge

En route to the World Solar Challenge

Blog posts   •   Sep 08, 2017 10:00 GMT

Every two years for the past three decades, the World Solar Challenge has welcomed some of the world’s brightest young minds to push the boundaries of technology and travel through the Australian outback in a solar-powered vehicle.

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Lead researcher Nicole Ayiomamitou of Cardiff University has joined Panalpina to roll out the D2ID application globally.

Lead researcher Nicole Ay...

Panalpina and Cardiff University have launched two further research and development projects. The follow-up projects with the Cardiff Bus...

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Panalpina und die Cardiff Business School: erfolgreiche Forschung im Bereich optimaler Warenbestand wird auf 3D-Druck ausgeweitet

Vor drei Jahren machten sich Panalpina und die Cardiff University in Wales (UK), daran, nach der „verborgenen Formel“ für den optimalen Warenbestand zu suchen. Dank der innovativen Partnerschaft konnte Panalpina das neue Programm zur Warenbestandsvorhersage namens D2ID starten. Die erfolgreiche Kooperation wird nun auf neue Fertigungstechnologien wie 3D-Druck ausgeweitet wird.