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Panalpina enlarges its Executive Board

Panalpina enlarges its Executive Board

Press Releases   •   Sep 05, 2018 16:50 GMT

Panalpina today announced that it is enlarging the company’s Executive Board, to include its three core products: Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics.

Double-digit profitability growth for Panalpina

Double-digit profitability growth for Panalpina

Press Releases   •   Jul 17, 2018 05:00 GMT

Panalpina recorded a sound first half-year 2018 with sustained margins and double-digit profitability growth across the board. From January to June 2018, Panalpina increased EBIT from CHF 42.0 million to CHF 54.7 million and consolidated profit from CHF 29.9 million to CHF 36.1 million.

Panalpina improves profitability

Panalpina improves profitability

Press Releases   •   Apr 19, 2018 05:00 GMT

In the first three months of 2018, international freight forwarding and logistics company Panalpina improved profitability compared to the same period of last year. Panalpina reported an EBIT of CHF 24.4 million (YTD 2017: CHF 16.4 million) and a consolidated profit of CHF 16.6 million (YTD 2017: CHF 12.4 million).

Panalpina publishes second integrated management report

Panalpina publishes second integrated management report

Press Releases   •   Mar 21, 2018 15:30 GMT

Panalpina has published its second integrated management report, summarizing the company’s activities during 2017 in terms of business performance and sustainability.

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Busy skies in 2017

Busy skies in 2017

News   •   Jul 27, 2017 13:45 GMT

The summer period is usually a calmer time for air freight – but not this year. The strong market development with high volumes will likely continue for the rest of the year, further widening the gap between demand and supply. “The challenges are manifold, but we haven taken action to secure extra capacities to meet the growing demand,” says Marc van Dommele, regional head of Air Freight Europe.

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Panalpina @ Mergers & Acquisitions 2017 in Zurich

Events   •   Jul 05, 2017 15:30 GMT

Organized by Swiss economy newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft Speaker for Panalpina: Rafic Mecattaf, Head of Corporate Strategic Development

Sep 28, 08:30 - 16:50 GMT

Park Hyatt Zurich Beethoven-Strasse 21 8002 Zürich Switzerland

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Panalpina erweitert die Konzernleitung

Panalpina erweitert die Konzernleitung

Documents   •   Sep 05, 2018 16:50 GMT

Panalpina gab heute bekannt, dass das Unternehmen seine Konzernleitung (Executive Board) erweitern wird, um seine drei Kernprodukte Luftfracht, Seefracht und Logistik zu integrieren.

Half-year Results 2018 – Consolidated Financial Statements

Consolidated financial statements

Panalpinas Profitabilität wächst zweistellig

Panalpina verzeichnete ein solides erstes Halbjahr 2018, in dem die Margen gehalten und die Profitabilität im zweistelligen Bereich gesteigert werden konnten. Von Januar bis Juni 2018 steigerte Panalpina den EBIT von CHF 42,0 Millionen auf CHF 54,7 Millionen und den Konzerngewinn von CHF 29,9 Millionen auf CHF 36,1 Millionen.

Half-year Results 2018 – Investor Presentation

Investor presentation